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Who’s at Fault for a Parking Lot Accident in Columbia?

Motor vehicle drivers often associate catastrophic car accidents with high-speed interstate roadways or bustling traffic intersections, but many damaging collisions …

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What if a Truck Driver Violated Hours of Service Rules?

Truck drivers’ income directly correlates to the number of miles they drive, and if they can drive for longer periods, …

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Our Hair Relaxer Lawsuit Seeks Recovery For Cancer Victims From Hair Straighteners

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and peer-reviewed medical journals have published numerous medical studies linking hair relaxers with …

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10 Times Real Cases Got The ‘Law & Order’ Treatment

by Harley Brown Chelsea Guglielmino // Getty Images Although the “Law & Order” disclaimer in Friz Quadrata typeface is almost …

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South Carolina Golf Cart Laws

With all its gorgeous golf courses and private communities, certain areas of South Carolina often feel like golf carts overrun …

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Bounce House Injury Statistics

If you are like most parents nowadays, you look every year for something to make your child’s birthday party special. …

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Can Car Accidents Cause Fibromyalgia?

Experts believe car accidents can cause fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions, and there is a precedent for crash victims …

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Average Car Accident Settlement in South Carolina

There is no such thing as an average car accident settlement in South Carolina. Insurance companies and others involved in …

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What to Do When Hit by an Uninsured Driver

Having an accident by an uninsured driver is a stressful situation that may leave you injured, confused, and unsure what …

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How Does Car Insurance Work in South Carolina?

South Carolina laws require all motorists to carry auto insurance. At a minimum, the insurance must cover bodily injury and …

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