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Throughout South Carolina, motorists who go through an intersection are at risk for a serious T-bone car accident. This type of accident can cause an array of injuries, from broken bones to internal injuries. At The The Louthian Firm Accident & Injury Lawyers, our T-bone accident lawyer in Columbia can assist you with gaining compensation that resulted from someone else’s negligence. Contact our office to speak to our experienced Columbia car accident attorney, Bert Louthian.

What Is a T-Bone Accident?

T-bone accidents often happen without warning and usually occur at intersections. In some cases, another driver fails to stop at a four-way stop sign or does not stop fully before proceeding, causing that vehicle to strike yours on the side. In many cases, the driver of the other vehicle runs a red light while trying to cross the intersection before the yellow light changes.

Drivers who cause T-bone accidents may do so for several reasons, including:

  • Distractions inside the vehicle
  • Speeding
  • Driving aggression
  • Texting or using other electronics while driving

Our T-bone accident attorney can help you prove that the driver who struck your vehicle acted negligently, causing you injuries, property damage and mental stress as a result.

What Types of Injuries Can T-Bone Accidents Cause?

While no two T-bone accidents in South Carolina cause the same types of injuries, the position of the vehicles at the point of impact can result in serious physical trauma. If the other vehicle strikes the driver’s side of your car at a high rate of speed, you could experience broken bones, whiplash, head and spinal injuries and chest trauma. In most cases, the greater the speed of the other car, the greater the chances you might suffer life-changing injuries.

An auto accident lawyer can help you place a value on your injuries and calculate your losses based on medical needs, such as emergency treatment directly after a T-bone accident, time spent in the hospital for recovery, lost wages and the ability to earn future wages if the accident caused you permanent injuries.

How Do Authorities Determine T-Bone Car Accident Fault?

South Carolina operates under the comparative negligence rule, which means authorities review how the accident occurred and who caused the crash before assigning fault. We use a variety of information to build your negligence case, many of which can support statements you offer to authorities regarding how the T-bone crash occurred.

Witness statements

Individuals who witnessed the crash can provide your attorney with details you may not recall due to the trauma you likely experienced at the time. Witnesses are often a valuable resource when a T-bone crash occurs and might provide important information, such as whether they saw the other driver speeding or if he or she ran a red light before striking your car.

Traffic camera footage

Some traffic intersections use red light cameras to catch drivers who run red lights. Our attorney can review any captured footage to prove the other driver acted recklessly when he or she ran a yellow or red light and caused the T-bone accident that injured you.

Police reports

Local police who take reports at the scene of the accident can help your attorney further determine who caused a T-bone crash. They may gather data from witnesses and from both you and the other driver if you were able to communicate after the accident.

Insurance representative reports

Insurance accident investigators can supply us with vital information after your crash. Inspecting tire tracks, vehicle skid marks and the condition of both cars may provide data to support your case.

What Steps May You Need To Take After a T-Bone Accident?

As you recover from a T-bone accident, you may receive charges for medical care and other costs related to the crash. If your injuries prevent you from working, then contacting us at The The Louthian Firm Accident & Injury Lawyers can help you build a personal injury case. Our experienced staff will review all the details surrounding your accident and determine how the other driver caused it.

If you received injuries that impact your future, such as limited mobility, brain injuries or other types of life-changing trauma, our T-bone accident lawyer can place a value on each, such as how it might affect your ability to work or raise your children. While no one can erase the events that affected your life in such a negative way, we can help you gain proper compensation.

How Can Our T-Bone Accident Lawyer Help You?

Speaking with our team can provide you with peace of mind after a T-bone accident. We can provide you with legal representation on many levels, such as shielding you from aggressive insurance company representatives and handling settlement offers.

Our legal team can also speak to witnesses, review cell phone records and examine any other evidence related to your crash. This allows you time to heal and focus on your well-being instead of feeling entangled with legal issues.

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