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Our goal is to provide the highest level of legal representation and financial compensation for our clients. Here are some of our recent results.

Columbia car accident attorney Bert Louthian of The Louthian Firm Accident & Injury Lawyers represents people in car accident claims for compensation. When a car accident impacts your family, call (803) 592-6231 to see how an experienced injury attorney can help you.

Attorney for Car Accidents in Columbia, SC

The Louthian Firm Accident & Injury Lawyers represents people who have been affected by car accidents. We are a law firm that is owned by family and operated for families in the Columbia, SC area.

Bert Louthian is an attorney for car accidents. He understands how a car accident impacts the entire family. Unexpected bills and lost income can quickly add stress and worry. Victims are suffering with pain. They are unable to care for family members and do the things they used to do before.

You can have an attorney for car accidents in Columbia, SC represent you. The Louthian Firm Accident & Injury Lawyers lets you focus on your recovery while you take care of everything else.

To start your case today, contact us.

How an experienced car accident attorney can help

There are many ways that attorney Bert Louthian can assist you following a car accident. He takes care of everything needed for you to be fairly compensated based on the law.

He can:

  • Make sure the accident is documented properly and evidence is preserved
  • Investigate to determine what happened
  • Work with expert witnesses and accident reconstruction professionals to build technical evidence and prove your case
  • Evaluate the economic and non-economic damages that you deserve, making sure nothing is left out and damages are fairly valued
  • Look for insurance policies and sources of compensation
  • Negotiate your settlement or represent you at trial
  • Guide and represent you, answering questions and providing information
  • Be available for you and work with you throughout the case

As your Columbia car accident attorney, Bert Louthian of The Louthian Firm Accident & Injury Lawyers works for you in court and behind the scenes to pursue your interests. He alleviates the stress by providing professional legal representation.

The Louthian Firm Accident & Injury Lawyers is your Columbia car accident attorney when you’ve been injured. You can have an attorney representing you as soon as today. Contact us now for your consultation.

Types of Cases We Handle

All types of impact

Any type of car accident can cause devastating injuries. Whether your crash is head-on, rear-end, sideswipe, rollover, T-bone or hitting a stationary object, you may suffer significant physical injuries that change your life in an instant. We handle cases involving all types of vehicle impact.

Commercial and professional drivers

Commercial drivers transport goods and people. With many professional drivers on the road at any time, a large number of accidents involve commercial operators. Attorney Bert Louthian understands the important considerations when a car accident involves commercial transportation.

Contested or shared fault

If an insurance company tells you that you’re at fault for the accident, get a second opinion. Remember that the insurance company is trying to minimize compensation. Our law firm handles cases involving contested or shared fault. Don’t get less than you deserve.

Distracted driving, texting while driving

Taking attention away from the road for even a second can result in a crash. We investigate whether texting and driving or other distracted driving played a role. In addition, we undertake an investigation and legal discovery to prove what happened and your right to compensation.

Drunk driving, driving under the influence

Drunk driving and driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs makes a person at fault when they cause an accident. It is a serious offense, and victims deserve serious justice. Our lawyers understand the technical aspects of a case involving drunk driving. We can pursue your case, focusing on compensation that is appropriate and accountability for the driver responsible.

Hit and run

When a driver chooses to hit and run, they place victims at risk. Our lawyers can gather evidence to show the actions of the offender and how you have been harmed.

Street racing, reckless driving

Reckless behavior on the roads can cause needless injury and suffering. We help you claim the appropriate compensation when you are injured by someone engaging in dangerous driving activity.

Road rage

Aggressive driving, including road rage, can have devastating consequences. You deserve legal representation that stands up for your rights. We believe that road rage is serious behavior that harms our community. We will pursue your legal interests if you are the victim of road rage.

Defective vehicle

A vehicle defect can cause a car to behave unexpectedly. A malfunction may be the result of poor design or a manufacturing error. It may cause a crash or may cause a crash to be more severe than it otherwise might have been. When we investigate your case, we look at whether a problem with any of the vehicles caused or contributed to the crash.

Speeding, following too closely

Speeding and following too closely are two things that may make a driver at fault for a traffic accident. Speed and following distance infractions give drivers less time to react to what is happening around them. These infractions can also result in a crash happening at a higher rate of speed which in turn can increase the severity of injuries.

Other traffic violations

Any traffic violation may create legal fault for a car accident. A lapse in judgment or a decision to violate the rules of the road can be sufficient to make someone liable to pay compensation for a traffic accident. We understand the South Carolina traffic laws and we will look at the actions of each driver to determine why the crash occurred.

Catastrophic injury and fatality

Sometimes, your life is never the same after a car accident. If you have suffered a catastrophic injury or lost a loved one to a fatality, we are sincerely sorry. Our law firm capably represents families suffering from catastrophic injury or a wrongful death as a result of a car accident.

Why Choose The Louthian Firm Accident & Injury Lawyers?

Highlights of our law firm include:

  • Under the mentorship of his attorney father, Bert Louthian has been representing the Columbia, SC area since 1985.
  • As a highly experienced attorney, Bert capably undertakes the technical case preparation needed including pursing legal discovery, expert witnesses, accident reconstruction and other case development.
  • Each case receives a personalized legal strategy based on the needs and goals of the client.
  • We take care of everything legally so that your family can recover and move forward.
  • Representation is full service, including speaking with the insurance company. Whether you choose to take a settlement or decide that a trial is right for you, we represent your interests.
  • We can begin representing you at any stage, whether the accident has just occurred or you have already started pursuing compensation.
  • When we handle a car accident case, we use the 1-2-3 approach. First, your consultation is always free. Second, we build a strategy for your case. Third, we focus on your case while you focus on your family.

We invite you for a consultation to meet Columbia car accident attorney Bert Louthian and learn about our services.

Our Offices – Location and Directions

We are located at 1116 Blanding St., #3A, Columbia, SC 29201. Our offices are conveniently located across from the Richland County Circuit Court. Our building is a red, brick building next to the Sidney Park Methodist Church in downtown Columbia.

You can reach our offices by car, with a parking facility near the building, or we are accessible via COMET with many routes stopping on Assembly at Blanding Street.

Columbia, SC Traffic and Accidents

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety has identified freeways, highways, streets and roads where traffic accidents occur at a high rate. These include:

  • Zimalcrest Drive
  • Broad River Road
  • Two Notch Road
  • Farrow Road
  • Hard Scrabble Road
  • Harden Street
  • Interstate 26 (I-26)
  • Interstate 20 (I-20)
  • Interstate 77 (I-77)
  • US-1, US-76, US-176, US-21
  • South Carolina Highway 277

(Sources: The State, The most dangerous places to drive in the Columbia SC area; The Post and Courier, Columbia’s Five Points has most dangerous stretch of road in SC, SCDPS, 2021 Fact Book.)

Columbia Metropolitan Area traffic Statistics

There are six counties in South Carolina that comprise the Columbia Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Crash statistics by county, in 2021:

Calhoun County

  • 668 total collisions
  • 24% of collisions result in physical injury
  • There were nine people killed in traffic crashes in Calhoun County in 2021

Fairfield County

  • 583 total collisions
  • 35% of collisions result in physical injury
  • There were 18 people killed in traffic crashes in Fairfield County in 2021

Kershaw County

  • 1,499 total collisions
  • 25% of collisions result in physical injury
  • There were 24 people killed in traffic crashes in Kershaw County in 2021

Lexington County

  • 8,189 total collisions
  • 23% of collisions result in physical injury
  • There were 57 people killed in traffic crashes in Lexington County in 2021

Richland County

  • 13,421 total collisions
  • 23% of collisions result in physical injury
  • There were 74 people killed in traffic crashes in Richland County in 2021

Saluda County

  • 340 total collisions
  • 24% of crashes result in physical injury
  • There were seven people killed in traffic crashes in Saluda county in 2021

Police departments that may investigate car accidents in Columbia, SC

Some law enforcement and public safety departments that may investigate car accidents in Columbia, SC include:

  • County sheriff’s departments
  • South Carolina Highway Patrol
  • Columbia Police Department
  • West Columbia Police Department
  • USC campus police
  • Other city police departments

If you’re in a traffic accident, it’s important to report the accident to the police.

Drivers are required to report most accidents, including any accident where injury, death or $1,000 or more in property damage occurs. Even if you’re not a driver, it’s important to ensure that the police respond, document that the crash occurred and take an accident report. The police report can contain valuable information that can help you investigate and build your case.

Free Consultations – Taking New Car Accident Cases Now

Consultations are free with Columbia car accident attorney Bert Louthian. Start with a consultation with no obligation.

Come see why Bert Louthian of The Louthian Firm Accident & Injury Lawyers holds the Martindale-Hubbell® AV® Preeminent rating, reflecting the highest professional excellence.

Our family-owned law firm is here to help families. When a car accident has changed your family, we want to help you. Contact us now to talk about your case and how our legal services can make a difference. We look forward to meeting you.

Columbia Car Accident FAQs

Do I need a car accident attorney?

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you may benefit from having a car accident attorney. Whether you will benefit from having a car accident attorney depends on the extent of your losses, who is at fault for the crash and other legal issues that may be relevant for determining compensation.

Are you wondering if you should get a car accident attorney? Come talk to us. We can personally evaluate the circumstances of the accident, what you may receive in compensation and how legal representation may help you. There is no obligation.

Is South Carolina a fault state for car accidents?

South Carolina is a fault state for car accidents. That means the party or parties at fault for a car accident should pay for damages no matter how large or small the case and the losses involved. However you or your family member have been harmed, you deserve fair compensation.

Is there a time limit to bring a claim for car accident compensation?

You have a limited amount of time to start a claim for car accident compensation. The legal term for the time limit is called a statute of limitations. The limit is created by South Carolina law. The time limit to bring a claim for car accident compensation varies from person to person. It can depend on who is involved and the circumstances of the case.

As your lawyer, we can determine the time limit and start representing you right away. Remember, simply talking to the insurance company isn’t enough. You must start your case by the time the statute of limitations runs to preserve your right to compensation.


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