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Our goal is to provide the highest level of legal representation and financial compensation for our clients. Here are some of our recent results.

Practice Areas

If you or a family member has suffered any serious injury as a result of someone’s negligence or recklessness you may be entitled by law to receive money for your losses. Not all personal injury cases fall into a specific category, however, our attorneys have experience with a wide variety of cases including but not limited to:
Car Accidents

Car Accidents

Car Accidents
Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death
Uber Accidents

Uber Accidents

Uber Accidents
Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents
Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident
Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall
Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse
Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents
Worker Injury

Worker Injury

Worker Injury
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Why Choose The Louthian Law Firm?

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is a major decision. Choose a skilled attorney you can trust to handle your entire case.
Learn About What We Do

There’s no better way to get to know us and the difference we make than with a free consultation.

With over 40 years of legal experience, the insurance company knows that we mean business when it comes to your claim.

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Our 7 Step Process

When you’re injured, you’ve got enough things to worry about. Paying for a lawyer, or checking the progress of your case should be the last thing you have to focus on.

Free Consultation
Free Consultation

Meet with us and tell us your situation. There’s no cost or obligation to have a case review.

Case Plan
Case Plan

We develop your unique case strategy. We gather all relevant facts and evidence.


We’ll negotiate with the insurance company to recover your medical costs and other damages.


We’ll file a lawsuit against the insurers and fight for you in court to recover the money you’re entitled to.

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It costs nothing to hire us. We take care of you and protect your claim from here.

Hire Us
Medical Treatment

Take the time to recover. Be sure to attend all follow-up visits with your medical provider.

Medical Treatment

We aim to achieve a fair settlement for your injuries. Most cases are resolved at this stage.

Free Consultation

Meet with us and tell us your situation. There’s no cost or obligation to have a case review.

Hire Us

It costs nothing to hire us. We take care of you and protect your claim from here.

Case Plan

We develop your unique case strategy. We gather all relevant facts and evidence.

Medical Treatment

Take the time to recover. Be sure to attend all follow-up visits with your medical provider.


We’ll negotiate with the insurance company to recover your medical costs and other damages.


We aim to achieve a fair settlement for your injuries. Most cases are resolved at this stage.


We’ll file a lawsuit against the insurers and fight for you in court to recover the money you’re entitled to.

The Louthian Law Firm is a Columbia personal injury attorney firm focusing on family. If you have been injured in an accident, our law firm can take care of your legal case while you take time for your family. Call (803) 592-6231 to ask for your consultation.

Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Columbia, SC

Bert Louthian of The Louthian Law Firm is a family-oriented personal injury attorney serving Columbia, SC. When you’re hurt, you’re facing medical bills. Your family is left to deal with the fallout, financially and personally.

We understand. Work with a Columbia personal injury attorney who has more than 35 years of experience helping people just like you. He can represent your legal interests, seeking the compensation you’re due and taking the stress out of the legal process.

Consultations available

We’re taking new cases throughout the Columbia region, and consultations are available. To see how The Louthian Law Firm can help you, contact us.

What Is a Personal Injury Attorney?

Columbia personal injury attorney Bert Louthian represents the legal interests of people who are harmed by the actions of others. He is a trained professional who helps the people he serves to receive financial compensation and justice for what has happened.

We are here for you when life goes wrong.

A personal injury attorney helps you in several ways. They know what steps to take to receive compensation. They can take these steps for you while you are recovering from your injuries. By getting to know you and what has happened, they personalize their representation to your legal needs.

Bert Louthian does all of this as a personal injury attorney for families in Columbia. If you’ve been hurt, he wants to help you, too. Call or message us to talk about your situation.

Cases We Handle

Car accidents

We represent victims of car accidents in all circumstances, including two-vehicle, single, and multi-vehicle crashes. Let our team investigate the causes of the crash and then pursue the compensation that you deserve.

Truck accidents

In a truck accident, businesses are usually involved with commercial insurance policies. Let our team investigate what factors contributed to the crash and how to collect your compensation.

Motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle victims often suffer severe injury including traumatic brain injury, paralysis, road rash and broken bones. Our team makes sure that your case identifies and claims compensation for the harm that you have suffered.

Drunk driving accidents

If you’re hit by a drunk driver, a civil case seeks fair compensation. Regardless of whether there are criminal charges, a civil case focuses on you, the victim. Our team investigates and proves your right to compensation.

Pedestrian accidents

Drivers have a duty to exercise care and caution for the safety of pedestrians. Pedestrians don’t have the protection of a heavy vehicle, so they can be seriously hurt, even when a crash occurs at low speeds. If you’re a victim, you may receive compensation.

Wrongful death

Losing a loved one because of a personal injury is an unimaginable tragedy. Our law firm can help you with the legal case while you grieve and focus on what’s most important.

Premises liability

Dangerous property conditions can result in harm. Unsafe structures, slippery surfaces, electrical hazards and recreational objects can cause personal injury accidents. Victims may seek compensation, and we can help.

Workers’ compensation

Know what benefits you qualify for and get the compensation you deserve when you’re hurt on the job. A workers’ compensation attorney can help you at any stage of the case.

Nursing home abuse

Nursing home abuse impacts the most vulnerable people in our community. Bert Louthian is an experienced attorney you can trust when you have concerns about your care or the care of a loved one in a nursing home.

How a Columbia Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Attorney Bert Louthian understands how important it is to help you with every step of your case following a personal injury. When we work to get justice for the families we represent, we do four things: investigate, evaluate, advocate and guide.


To advocate for our clients, we need the full picture. We start by listening to you. By knowing your story, we have the background we need to investigate. Legal procedures and investigative work allow us to determine what occurred and gather the evidence to prove your case.


With four decades of experience in Columbia, SC personal injury cases, we have the background knowledge to evaluate your situation. We determine the type of case you have, what compensation you should claim and the legal strategy that is right for you.


Legal advocacy takes many forms. It may mean representing you at a hearing in court. It may mean conducting a deposition. Behind the scenes, advocacy includes drafting legal documents, following legal procedures and negotiating your settlement. We advocate for you in court and in all aspects of the case.


Providing outstanding legal services means guiding the client through the court process. We take the time to answer your questions. It’s important that you know what to expect. If you have decisions to make, you need the information to make an informed choice. We serve as your guide from start to finish as we work on behalf of your family.

FAQs About Personal Injury Settlements

How common are personal injury settlements?

They’re very common, occurring in nearly 95 percent of personal injury cases.

When an injured person initiates an action against the responsible negligent parties, it’s with the understanding that their lawyer will do whatever it takes to achieve a fair and just outcome. Sometimes that means taking the case to a jury so they can decide what damages are appropriate.

But sometimes it is in the plaintiff’s best interest to accept a monetary settlement offer made by the defendants rather than go through the extended process of a full-blown trial. Additionally, it is not unusual for a defendant to make a last-minute offer to settle, right before the trial is to begin – or even after the trial has commenced but before it goes to the jury.

Do I really need a lawyer to negotiate a settlement?

There are many reasons for having an experienced personal injury attorney represent your interests in settlement negotiations. At The Louthian Law Firm, we know how to gather information about what your long-term expenses are likely to be, and we know what other similar cases have brought. Negotiating a favorable settlement takes skill and hard work. If you’re recovering from an injury, you should focus your energies on getting better and let an experienced lawyer shoulder the burden of proving your case.

When a settlement is agreed upon, where does the money come from?

Typically from an insurance company. If you were injured in a car accident, the company which provided insurance coverage for the other driver, or his employer, will be involved. If the other driver was uninsured, negotiations may be with your own insurer.

Doctors, hospitals and other healthcare professionals who may be named in a medical malpractice action will have insurance carriers who vigorously defend their clients. In the case of a severe injury or multi-vehicle accident, there may be several insurance companies involved – another reason why it is best to leave settlement negotiations up to your legal advocate.

Won’t I get more money from a jury?

Whether you would ultimately achieve a winning verdict if your case goes to trial and how much money you would be awarded by a jury are unknowns. There are so many factors involved, it is impossible to predict with absolute certainty.

However, our Columbia personal injury attorney will be able to give you sound advice throughout the progress of your case.

How quickly can I get some money in settlement?

The process of negotiating a settlement is time consuming. There may be several offers and counter-offers made over the course of months – or even years. It may not be in your best interest to push for a quick settlement, because symptoms of injury don’t always manifest all at once or immediately after the accident.

When a settlement is made and accepted, the claimant must give up the right to file a future lawsuit about the same injury. If you settle too quickly and then find out you were injured more seriously than you thought, you may wish you had not accepted the settlement offer.

Will I get one lump-sum payment in a settlement?

It depends on the terms of the settlement and what you and your attorney agree is to your benefit. In some cases, period payments are appropriate and advisable. We call this a “structured settlement.”

Once the total amount of present and future expenses is agreed upon, the defendant insurance company assigns the settlement to a life insurance company to issue an annuity that will provide you with periodic payments over time. Hammering out the details of a structured settlement is another process best handled by an experienced attorney.

Are settlements taxable income?

Most settlement proceeds in personal injury cases are not taxable, but some portions could be. You should consult your tax professional for specific advice.

Does The Louthian Law Firm have a good track record for settling cases?

You can judge that for yourself by reading about some of our case results in wrongful death, workplace injury, medical malpractice, car wreck and birth injury cases, as well as many other types. We can’t guarantee a particular conclusion, or even that a settlement is possible in your case, but we listen hard and work harder to achieve the best outcome for every client.

About Personal Injury Attorney Bert Louthian

Bert Louthian has been practicing law in the Columbia, SC area since 1985. Under the mentorship of his father, Bert built a law practice that’s run by family to help families. When someone gets hurt, it impacts the entire family. The Louthian Law Firm serves the legal needs of the community by helping individuals and families who are impacted by injury and other harm.

With a J.D. from the University of South Carolina and many years of experience, Bert Louthian understands that legal advocacy and personal service are key to serving the needs of clients. He knows that your financial recovery is critical to your personal recovery. He works each day on behalf of the people he serves to make things right when they are suffering from unexpected injury.

Why Choose Our Personal Injury Law Firm?

Here are some reasons families choose The Louthian Law Firm for personal injury representation:

  • Focus on family – We know that a personal injury impacts the entire family, so we handle your case with family in mind
  • Representing victims in the Columbia area since 1985 – We can put four decades of experience to work for you
  • Exhaustive work on behalf of our clients – We undertake an investigation, work with expert witnesses, build technical evidence and follow legal procedures to get real results
  • A centralized, Columbia, SC location, accessible by car and public transit – We’re here when and where you need us
  • Personalized representation – By knowing your unique circumstances, we do everything in our power to make things right

Bert Louthian grew his legal skills under the mentorship of his attorney father. Today, the law firm remains family owned and family focused. Bert holds the Martindale-Hubbell® AV® Preeminent rating for the highest standard of professional evidence. He is also AVVO 10.0 rated and named to the Top 100 of The National Trial Lawyers. These honors reflect his success in advocating for families facing a personal injury.

The 1-2-3 Legal Strategy

At Louthian Law Firm, we use a process that we call the 1-2-3 legal strategy.

One – You contact us and tell us that you need a lawyer. Consultations are always free with our law firm. We learn about your story and what has happened to bring you to contacting a lawyer. It’s also your opportunity to ask questions.

Two – We build your strategy. Together, we look at the options and the possible actions that you can take. You can count on us to give you honest information and what you need to know to weigh the different options. We customize a legal strategy based on the facts, your needs and your goals.

Three – In step three, you focus on your family, while we focus on your case. As you recover, we build your case, pursuing evidence, drafting legal documents and advocating on your behalf. You take care of you and your family while we take care of the rest.

The purpose of the 1-2-3 legal strategy is for you to know that your case is in good hands, and to alleviate the stress. At the same time, we’re working diligently to get you the compensation that you deserve.

Our Offices – Locations and Directions

We are located in the heart of Columbia, SC at 1116 Blanding St., #3A, Columbia, SC 29201. It is a red brick building next to the Sidney Park Methodist Church. Finlay Park is nearby, across Assembly Street.

Our offices are right across from the Richland County Circuit Court. There is street level parking and a parking structure behind our building.


Blanding Street has traffic in both directions, so you can approach it from any cross street. Major cross streets connecting with Blanding Street are Bull St and Assembly St. Huger St. doesn’t directly connect with Blanding Street because Finlay Park is two blocks long, but you can turn onto Assembly Street from Laurel or Taylor streets.

By public transit

Many COMET routes serve our offices. Several routes stop on Assembly at Blanding, and there is a covered bus stop there. In addition, COMET Central is only one block east and one block north of our offices.

About Columbia, South Carolina

Columbia is the capital of South Carolina. Although it has a population of just 136,632, as of the 2020 Census, the Columbian Metropolitan Statistical Area is much larger, with a population of 829,420.

There are six counties in the greater Columbia, SC area, including:

  • Richland County
  • Lexington County
  • Fairfield County
  • Calhoun County
  • Kershaw County
  • Saluda County

If you have an injury claim, it may start at the Circuit Court in any of these counties.

The exact location where you file the case depends on the dollar amount involved, the law involved (federal or state, and whether there are any administrative procedures that apply), where the injury occurred and what parties are involved. A case may also go to federal court, and The United States District Court for the District of South Carolina has a courthouse in Columbia. Cases seeking a small dollar amount may be heard in a Magistrate Court.

We can help you determine the appropriate place to file your case.

Hospitals in the Columbia, SC area

Columbia, SC is served by the Prisma health system, with primary care physicians, specialists and hospitals in its service network. There are multiple Prisma locations in the Columbia area, including:

Prisma Health Baptist Hospital

Taylor at Marion Street, Columbia, SC 29220


Prisma Health Baptist Parkridge Hospital

400 Palmetto Health Parkway, Columbia, SC 29212


Prisma Health Children’s Hospital–Midlands

7 Richland Medical Park Drive, Columbia, SC 29203


Prisma Health Heart Hospital

6 Richland Medical Park Drive, Columbia, SC 29203


Prisma Health Richland Hospital

5 Richland Medical Park Drive, Columbia, SC 29203


Other hospital and medical care providers in the Columbia area include:

Lexington Medical Center

2720 Sunset Blvd., West Columbia, SC 29169 (including emergency services)


MUSC Health, Columbia Regional Medical Center (Medical University of South Carolina)

120 Gateway Corporate Blvd, Columbia, SC 29203


Wm. Jennings Bryan Dorn Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (Veterans Affairs)

6439 Garners Ferry Road, Columbia, SC 29209-1638

Start Today With a Free Consultation

If you have been hurt, we invite you to talk to Columbia personal injury attorney Bert Louthian. Consultations are always free. At your consultation you can:

  • Learn if you have a case
  • Evaluate who may be responsible to pay compensation
  • See what your case may be worth and why
  • Ask questions and get answers
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of your case
  • Receive a consultation that’s personalized to your situation
  • Explore the different options and paths to compensation
  • Know what to expect going forward
  • Start your case immediately

The Louthian Law Firm can talk with you about your specific situation. Then, we can start working on your case right away.

Call or message us to begin.

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