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If you’ve been hurt in a South Carolina car accident, you may already feel overwhelmed. Between your own health, the police response, the negative impact to your family, and the insurance company’s response, you may already feel like you’re in over your head.

That’s what the lawyers at The Louthian Firm Accident & Injury Lawyers are here for. Your South Carolina car accident lawyer can answer your questions, help you deal with the other driver or at-fault party, and get compensated for the type of suffering you experienced through a personal injury claim.

South Carolina’s Insurance Claim Process

After your car accident and a trip to the hospital, one of your first steps may be to deal with the people at the insurance companies. You pay your premiums so that they’ll protect you when you’re hurt and seeking compensation, right? Unfortunately, getting compensated for your injuries isn’t always easy.

First, South Carolina is a fault state. That means the insurance company doesn’t compensate you right away—the at-fault party is responsible for your injuries. In some cases, that may mean your insurance company will cover you, then seek repayment from the at-fault party. But it’s not always that simple.

That’s especially true if the insurance company lowballs your settlement offer or fails to offer you a settlement in good faith. In these cases, you may need to speak to your lawyer about negotiating a settlement on your behalf or representing you in the courtroom by taking your car accident case to trial.

Injury Compensation for South Carolina Car Accident Victims

A serious car accident while on the road can lead to devastating losses, expensive medical care, and suffering, both financial and non-financial. These impacts, or damages, can haunt you for years after the accident. That’s especially true if you don’t have a lawyer to ensure you’re seeking the compensation you’re due for your recovery.

When you’re hurt in a car accident while driving your vehicle on the roads, talk to our attorneys about including the following damage types in your lawsuit:

South Carolina Car Accident FAQ

Can I trust my insurance company to settle fairly with me?

We pride ourselves on standing up for the rights of local accident victims in situations where liable parties and insurance companies appear reluctant to provide recovery assistance. As for-profit companies, insurers will look for any reasons to diminish or decline claims where possible. Consult a reputable lawyer at your first opportunity to help ensure liable parties are unable to deprive you of the settlement you’re owed.

How will I cover my medical bills after a car accident?

Provided you have health insurance, your immediate medical bills will be covered by your insurer. You will then submit any medical bills as part of your claim, which will be added to any eventual settlement and used to pay back your insurance company’s lien.

If you don’t have adequate health insurance, you may need to seek medical assistance from a professional willing to accept a letter of protection provided by your lawyer. Any money recovered via settlement would then have your medical bills subtracted from it before being released to you.

Do I need a car accident lawyer?

You’re not legally required to acquire representation when pursuing a civil case, but it’s certainly beneficial. A South Carolina car accident lawyer has significant experience in acquiring and handling evidence that supports injury claims and is able to present it in a manner that gives you the best odds of the settlement you deserve. Though you may be successful without representation, a lawyer is best-equipped to fight for the best settlement possible.

What if I can’t afford a car accident lawyer?

Here at The Louthian Firm Accident & Injury Lawyers, we offer free consultations to accident victims and work on a contingency fee basis. This means we receive an agreed-upon percent of your potential settlement. If your claim is unsuccessful you owe nothing. This zero financial risk system allows our clients to pursue the compensation they deserve regardless of their current financial state.

How much is my car accident claim worth?

There’s no template for car accident claims to gauge an accurate value from, unfortunately. All claims are assessed individually and depend heavily on the circumstances involved, injuries inflicted, losses incurred, and hardships endured. Your lawyer will be able to give you a much better estimate after looking at your case in detail.

What if I Was Partly At Fault for My Car Crash?

If you were injured in a South Carolina car crash, it’s not enough information to state what your claim is worth to get the compensation you’re due. You may also have to deal with accusations of fault and negligence against you from another person involved, especially if someone claimed you were partly responsible for the accident.

For example, you may not have caused the car accident, but they claim they have evidence you were texting and driving. Accepting partial fault for your accident may reduce your compensation by that amount. If you’re found more than 50 percent responsible for the accident, you may even lose your rights to compensation money altogether. But it’s not over til it’s over. Talk to your lawyer about protecting your claim, presenting the facts, and getting results.

Need Help? Call a Car Accident Attorney in South Carolina

South Carolina car accidents can be painful, complex, and difficult circumstances to overcome. That’s especially true if you have no legal aid on your side to help you get treatment, overcome your injuries, and get compensated from the other drivers involved.

Luckily, that’s what the legal team at The Louthian Firm Accident & Injury Lawyers is best at. Your South Carolina car accident lawyer is here to help clients get the max compensation you’re due after an accident and give them the personal attention they’re due. Your lawyer can start with a free consultation, where you can get legal advice and discuss your claim and your options for compensation. Your claim is an urgent matter, so it’s important that we get started as soon as possible. Contact us by calling 803-592-6231 or by filling out the online contact form below.

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