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Can Semi-Truck Black Boxes Provide Accident Evidence?

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A semi-truck black box can provide valuable accident evidence. It can show the events leading up to the accident and assist to prove fault for the crash. To talk to a Columbia truck accident lawyer about accessing black box information and your claim for compensation, contact the The Louthian Firm Accident & Injury Lawyers at 803-592-6231.

What Are Semi-Truck Black Boxes?

A black box records activity, data and information as it occurs. Also known as event data recorders (EDRs), a black box tracks driving activity, including data that may explain the events surrounding a crash.

How do black boxes in vehicles work?

While the first black boxes in vehicles used magnetic tape to record like audio cassette players, today’s black boxes have memory boards with digital storage. The device records predetermined information at intervals set by an algorithm. It can also record specific events like braking or airbag deployment.

The evidence that a semi-truck black box can provide may be extremely valuable. An event data recorder can provide evidence that is factual, credible and unbiased. It records facts and information, but it doesn’t take a side in a lawsuit. It can be used to prove negligence and liability to pay compensation for the accident.

Most semi-trucks have some form of black box event data recorder (EDM). The use of black box recorders in motor vehicles grew in popularity in the 1990s. While most trucks built since that time are equipped with data recording devices, there may still be small numbers of semi-trucks that don’t have them.

Are trucks required to have black boxes?

There is no federal law that requires a truck to have a black box or an event data recorder (EDR). However, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulation RIN 2126-AB20 requires trucking companies to use electronic logging devices (ELDs). ELDs record hours of duty. There are some exceptions to the requirement.

While electronic logging devices are not black boxes as most people think of them, an ELD may still have valuable information. In addition, many trucks have an ELD and an EDR or black box.

Lawyer for Truck Accident Claim Involving Black Box Information

  • To receive compensation for a truck crash, you must prove fault for the accident.
  • The trucking company is unlikely to admit fault. You must investigate and build your case.
  • A semi-truck black box can provide evidence of the forces and factors causing the crash.
  • When you bring a truck accident claim, you can demand access to black box records.
  • You must work quickly to preserve the evidence in your case.
  • Our law firm can assist you. We are taking new cases now.

See how black box information may help you build your claim for truck accident compensation. Talk to personal injury lawyer Bert Louthian of the The Louthian Firm Accident & Injury Lawyers today. Call 803-592-6231 or message us now for a free case review.

What Kinds of Data Deos a Truck Black Box Store?

A truck black box may store information relating to:

  • Engine speed and activity
  • Road speed
  • Engine load
  • Brake switch and braking
  • Throttle
  • Restraint usage and deployment
  • Diagnostic codes
  • Collision avoidance system activity
  • Cameras
  • Fleet telematics
  • Driver inputs

How does a crash victim preserve black box evidence after a trucking crash?

To preserve black box evidence after a trucking crash, your lawyer should send a spoliation of evidence letter to the defendant and their insurance company. The letter puts the trucking company on notice to preserve evidence relating to the crash including black box information. Then, you should file your claim in a timely manner and begin the legal discovery process.

Using Black Box Data to Claim Trucking Crash Compensation

When you are involved in a trucking crash, you must prove your right to compensation. This means proving that another party is at fault. It may be the trucking company or another party. Black box data can be critical. For example, it may show that the truck driver was speeding or failed to stop.

Black box data may be a critical part of your case. In addition to proving fault for the accident, you must also prove causation between the crash and your damages. A lawyer can represent you in all aspects of building your case for compensation including gathering black box data and other evidence that is important to the claim.

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