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Your workplace should be a safe place for you to clock in, do your job, and clock out. You shouldn’t have to worry about inappropriate actions from your coworkers or your employer. Unfortunately, you may have suffered sexual harassment, leaving you feeling unsafe and alone.

Your lawyer at The Louthian Firm Accident & Injury Lawyers can help you act now to recover compensation for the harassment. A sexual harassment lawyer can help you take your harasser to court and get the compensation you’re due.

Proving Your Sexual Harassment Claim

When you’ve suffered from sexual harassment, you may have worries about proving your claim to the court. Harassment doesn’t always leave physical evidence of the at-fault party’s wrongdoing. Because of this, you may need to speak with your lawyer about the best ways to prove you were sexually harassed.

For example, if you suffered from unwanted touching by a coworker or employer, you may have video footage of your workplace and the harassment. This can be key in proving your claim.

In other claims, you may have suffered from quid pro quo harassment, meaning your employer may have implied or hinted that you would receive a promotion or other payment if you accepted their harassment. You may have emails showing this harassment, or another person may have overheard what your employer said.

All these things and other types of evidence like them can help you prove your claim and get the compensation you’re due.

Your First Steps to File a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

If someone in your workplace is acting in an inappropriate way, you may have grounds to act about that hostile work environment. But first, you need to work through the right channels. For example, you may need to report sexual harassment within the workplace. Depending on company policy, that may mean taking your claim to human resources (HR) and reporting the incident.

If your harasser is your employer, notifying them that you plan to take action if they continue with their harassment can help your claim. Giving them legal notice of the claim can help you prove their harmful actions persisted. If the harassment isn’t handled by your workplace, your lawyer can help you file your harassment claim in a South Carolina court.

Compensation for Sexual Harassment

When you’ve been sexually harassed, your compensation should cover the costs related to that harassment. If you don’t know what your claim is worth, it’s easy to settle for less, leaving you without the full compensation you’re due for the suffering you experienced.

Fortunately, your sexual harassment lawyer is here to help you calculate the value of your claim. If you’ve been sexually harassed, talk to your lawyer about seeking compensation for the following damages, among others:

  • Lost income
  • Lost benefits, like vacation time or retirement funds
  • Medical bills, if you were physically harmed
  • Emotional trauma
  • Harm to your reputation

Suffering Harassment? Get Legal Guidance

When you’ve been sexually harassed in the workplace, you’re concerned about protecting your safety and well-being. You may be concerned about unwanted touching, or your job may be on the line because of this harassment.

You don’t have to accept their actions. Your lawyer at The Louthian Firm Accident & Injury Lawyers can help you sue for the harassment you’ve suffered because of a coworker or employer. We offer free consultations so you know what your options are when you’ve suffered harassment. To learn more, call 803-592-6231 or fill out the following online contact form.

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