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According to The State, several days ago a tractor traveling on U.S. 378 was struck from behind by an 18-wheel truck. The rider of the tractor died, while the driver of the 18-wheeler survived. This kind of accident highlights several risks facing drivers on Columbia, South Carolina roads. Large trucks, when they collide with passenger vehicles and other vehicles, are more likely to cause damage to the smaller vehicle. When a truck driver makes mistakes behind the wheel, the person most likely to suffer serious injury is the person in the smaller vehicle. With rear-end collisions, usually the driver in the rear is at fault. It isn’t yet clear if the truck driver will face charges or if the truck driver was at fault, but when it comes to large truck accidents, the consequences of driver error can be serious. Another risk factor that the accident highlights is the risk that tractors can pose when these vehicles operate on roads.

Tractors are used on farms and in rural areas. Sometimes farmers might take their tractors onto highways when transporting the tractor from one field to another or from one farm to another. Driving a tractor on a highway or road can be risky precisely because of the factors involved in the recent crash on U.S. 378. Tractors may move slower than regular traffic on the highway. Because of their smaller profile, they may not always be noticed by a distracted driver. According to the National Ag Safety Database, tractors are also at risk of rollovers, collisions, runovers, and have many moving parts that can pose a hazard to those who use them.

What are the most common tractor accidents? And what causes these accidents? If you drive a tractor on the road, what can you do to prevent these accidents? the The Louthian Firm Accident & Injury Lawyers is a truck accident law firm in Columbia, South Carolina that helps victims of all kinds of crashes in seeking justice and compensation for their losses. If you or someone you love was hurt in a truck or tractor accident, reach out to our personal injury lawyers today.

Preventing Common Tractor Accidents in Columbia, South Carolina

Common tractor accidents include tractor rollovers, runovers, collisions, and situations when drivers get caught in moving parts of the vehicle. Some accidents can be prevented by drivers having proper knowledge of their tractor and understanding situations where the tractor can be most at risk of rolling over. Tractor accidents can be prevented when drivers know how their vehicles work. Drivers should also take precautions as they work. Many deadly tractor accidents were the result of drivers taking shortcuts, like leaving the tractor running while doing other jobs. Wearing safety protecting, securing all loose clothing and hair to prevent entrapment in moving parts, and wearing your seat belt are some basic safety tips to follow.

Driving a tractor on the road or highway can be one of the most dangerous activities you’ll perform. When possible, avoid driving on the highway at all. Sometimes, however, it may be necessary. What steps can you take to keep yourself safe when driving on the road or highway?

  • Turn on your lights and use reflectors and signs to indicate to other drivers that you are on the road. Sadly, distracted drivers who aren’t expecting a slow-moving tractor on the road can cause many dangerous and deadly tractor trailer accidents. Check local laws for requirements. In some areas, you may need to post a slow-moving vehicle reflector on your tractor for safety.
  • Drive your tractor on the road only in the best conditions. Driving during poor weather or during rush hour is a recipe for disaster.
  • Consider using a car as a “pilot vehicle.” A car with a flag outside or flashing warning lights can warn other drivers that a tractor is up ahead. This could protect you while you are on the road.

Understanding local laws regarding the use of farm equipment on the road is also important. Even when drivers take precautions, accidents can still sometimes happen. Be prepared. If you or someone you love was hurt in a tractor accident because another driver was distracted or wasn’t following the law, you may have the right to seek damages for your lost wages, medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, and pain and suffering. the The Louthian Firm Accident & Injury Lawyers is a truck accident law firm in Columbia, South Carolina that works with victims of all types of motor vehicle accidents, from accidents involving large trucks to accidents involving farm equipment on highways. If you or someone you love was hurt, reach out to the The Louthian Firm Accident & Injury Lawyers today to learn more about your rights, or connect with USAttorneys.com to get matched with a lawyer at the The Louthian Firm Accident & Injury Lawyers today.

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